Music, Laughter, Chocolate…

Is it just me, or does everyone feel music when they eat really great chocolate? I know I’m not alone, if you don’t want to say it out loud, I totally understand… but just take a moment, imagine the taste of your favorite chocolate… now put that to music.


That might have been a stretch, I was trying to get you to a place. The place I was when I was making truffles for our high school band’s annual Comedy Night & Silent Auction. The event is the band’s biggest fundraiser, with many facets to the evening… there’s the local restaurant that participates by selling amazing BBQ that everyone looks forward to, the comedy (of course!), the silent auction, the bake sale tables of homemade goodies that make your mouth water and finally the truffle sale!

A few years ago, one of the famous chocolate retailers donated truffles for the event and that’s where the tradition began. You purchase a truffle and with it you get a surprise envelope with a gift card in it. This was a great way to take advantage of all those $5 and $10 cards we were getting. Eventually the retailer stopped the donations, but the truffle sale lived on with parents donating truffles they’d purchased. The truffle sale always did well, bringing an extra $250 or so into the fundraiser. I’ve always wanted to see what I could do with truffles, my mom handed me down a really great, flexible recipe, but time has never been on my side… this year, things were different.

I volunteered to make the truffles for the event this year and started to work on flavor ideas… My mom’s recipe is yummy, and I really didn’t need any others, but since I can’t do anything without overdoing it, I started looking for other recipes to try. I began playing, taking samples to my friends, looking for feedback on the results. The reviews were good enough for me to think I could actually do this!


I decided to make several flavors, combining my mom’s recipe with a few others-

Mexican Chocolate (Vegan) – I adapted mine from the one I found on The Bonjon Gourmet’s blog (Vegan) Chocolate Chile Coconut Milk Truffles)

Dark Chocolate Strawberry (Vegan)– this came from my mom’s recipe

Dark Chocolate Cherry (Vegan)– this also came from my mom’s recipe

Banana Split– I adapted mine from this one I found on in a posting by Elizabeth LaBau (Banana Split Truffles)

Salted Dark Chocolate Caramel– This one I followed pretty closely to the posted recipe which I found on Portuguese Girl Cooks blog (DARK CHOCOLATE-SALTED CARAMEL TRUFFLES WITH FLEUR-DE-SEL)

Peanut Butter– I followed the recipe I found on Swanky Recipes pretty closely too (Peanut Butter Truffles)


I also dipped Gluten Free ‘Oreo’-type cookies in milk chocolate as well as some fruit jellies from Trader Joe’s (these are a tribute to the fruit jellies my mom, sister and I dug for in the Bridge Mix bags Mom brought home. Though Hershey owns this company, the brand we dug through all those years ago, was Lowney, a Canadian candy company).


The truffle table was busy all night, sales were brisk and brought in $450! Small potatoes when you’re looking at $100,000 yearly budget for the band, but big russets when you think about my hands rolling all those truffles!

Feedback that night was amazing and I left the event with a list of emails for people to contact when I got my business up and running… I hadn’t been planning on a Truffle business.




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  1. Whoa! This blog lookѕ exaсtly like mу old οne!
    It’ѕ on a entirely diffеrent topic but it hɑs pretty much the sae llayout аnd design. Grеat choice of colors!

    1. Thanks tons! First timer… I’m sure with time my page/s will change, I love to learn how to make things work better!

    1. Fred!!!! I’m about to get serious… I’ll let you know when I get caught up and I’m ready for your new review! Thanks for visiting.

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